A Warm Welcome:  2nd Annual KHitz Coats for Kidz

Contributed by Josh Fryfogle

Saturday, September 28, 11-3 pm 
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KHitz 107.1, Susitna Rotary, Extreme Fun Center, Walmart, Arctic Baby Bottoms and more extend a heartfelt invite to those in need - including victims of recent fires

Khitz Coats for Kids is coming back for year two, and the KHitz team is hoping to raise twice as much as last year, when they raised $15,000 for coats and gloves!  

To be clear:  100% of the proceeds raised last year were used to buy coats and gloves in bulk, with cooperation from Wasilla Walmart, and the same is true for the upcoming 2nd annual event.  By negotiating and purchasing in bulk, the KHitz team was able to increase the value of the donations, and increase the number of coats and gloves.  Wal-Mart ordered the coats and gloves with their regular order, and the rest is history!

This year, Extreme Fun Center is glad to host the event in their Sky Lounge, where kids in need can receive coats and gloves for the winter.  There will also be drinks and hotdogs, provided by Extreme Fun Center!  

Arctic Baby Bottoms will be on-hand, providing a coloring station for kids with printed coloring pages, snacks, water and baby wipes/paper towels/etc. 

Susitna Rotary Club has been involved with previous Coats for Kids drives for 15 years, and were glad to join forces with the KHitz team.  The club members will be onsite, facilitating the event and ensuring a orderly process.

The commitment to do an event like this should not be taken lightly, but that’s something you only learn the first year of doing the event.  The second year is what charts a coarse, and establishes a pattern for future events.  

Seeing the KHitz team partner with other local businesses and organizations, with a shared vision binding them together, is proof positive that this is something that comes from the hearts of each person involved.

Whether it’s the Extreme Fun Center making their space available, or Susitna Rotary making the process smooth for those who attend, or Arctic Baby Bottoms making it easy for parents with younger kids, Walmart’s willingness to facilitate the purchase of coats and gloves - or KHitz radio for leading the effort - it’s a warm welcome from our neighbors to each other, to any in need.