Hunkering Down, Wading Through, and Patching Up - A Call to Storytellers


Contributed by Sam Dinges, Executive Director of Palmer Museum of History and Art

Untold Stories returns October 27th, and we need you to share a story! Our theme this year is “Blue tarps, Xtratufs, and duct tape: stories of hunkering down, wading through, and patching up.” For most, the experience of living in Alaska creates these stories organically, and we are excited to provide a platform to share!

Held quarterly, Untold Stories is a program hosted by the Palmer Museum of History and Art to capture and share local stories. Seven storytellers each share a seven-minute tale on a theme chosen by our storytelling committee. Stories to make you laugh, cry, and reflect on good times gone by.

Interested in sharing a story? Submit yours at The deadline for submissions is the end of September. Storytellers selected are required to attend two rehearsals on the evenings of October 16th and 23rd. Each event typically features a mix of veteran and novice storytellers, and we love the diversity! So, whether you’re a longstanding campfire bard or a newcomer with a tale to tell, send us a brief outline for a chance to take the stage in October!

Tickets for this event will be available starting October 1st at Fireside Books, B Bella’s Salon, and the Palmer Museum.