Publisher Campaigns on Local Issues

By Josh Fryfogle, Publisher

My title might be tongue-in-cheek, but the focus of this article is serious.

While I am not running for office, this is a real campaign about real issues.

I am indeed announcing a campaign, and it is both an advertising campaign and a political one.  If you’ve ever been involved in politics at all, you already know the relationship between advertising and politicking.  They often interact anyway - this campaign will only make that clearer. 

At the heart of it all is money, and a local economy.  A local economy is made stable by a broad base of vendors and producers.  People who sell things, and people who make things.  

In Alaska, the less we produce, the more we depend on outside sources for basic necessities.  It is a precarious situation, to say the least.  The vendors, local business owners, are all too aware.  But we can make a difference, and it’s easier than you might think!

Dollar Voting

Dollar Voting will be a central theme to a larger campaign.  

Basically, we vote for what we want more of, every time we spend a dollar - that’s the idea.  

As we approach the holidays, we will be spending a lot more than usual.  We will be voting as well.  

And just like voting,
you deserve a sticker!  

Hey, get one for the kids, too!

Buy something from one of the businesses advertised on page 2 and 3, think of them as polling places!  Cast your vote!

There is a lot of ground to cover in this campaign - many topics that we will deal with as this campaign continues.  But in the meantime, enjoy your holiday season.  

Look for our message in the windows of these local businesses, and get your sticker at checkout.  Wearing the sticker is a real-world viral marketing

Let people know that it’s time to vote, and it’s time to vote local!  Your vote matters!

Together we can build a strong local economy - the gift that keeps on giving!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!