I'm Running for the State Senate to Get Things Done.

Contributed by Adam Crum, Candidate for State Senate Seat F - Palmer, Fairview, Chugiak

The biggest thing I want to get done is a state government we can afford. I’ll vote to cut government spending. It’s time to cut, not talk.  

I’ll also be more effective at fighting for our Valley and Chugiak schools, public safety and transportation. I’ll get that done.

There’s been a lot of talk about getting us more fish and game, motorized access to public land and standing up to federal overreach. I’ll be more effective at getting these things done for you.

I have been asked why I am running; it’s a fair question, as I am NOT a politician. I am a born and raised Alaskan who believes it’s time for new people to step up and lead. I have a track record of putting in the time and effort to get things done.

I grew up on the Kenai Peninsula hunting and fishing, riding four-wheelers and snow machines. My parents stressed the importance of hard work and attitude, and I’ve held onto to those lessons my entire life. After high school, through hard work and the grace of God I earned a full-ride scholarship to play football at Northwestern University. After I earned my master’s degree from Johns Hopkins, I headed home to the family business of Northern Industrial Training (NIT).  

A few years ago my siblings and I purchased NIT, as we believe in Alaska and the relationships we’ve built in the Mat-Su. As a businessman I have invested in the local community, hired locals and encouraged a culture of community service amongst the employees. I have also had to make the tough decisions that come with being in business, such as layoffs, business planning and the pain of making payroll. But all of it has been more than worth it, as I love our great state and I want my family to stay in Alaska for generations to come. 

My wife and I strive to be good neighbors and are very active in our community and church. If it’s painting the chapel walls at Teen Challenge, or donating resources to MY House, I’ve been there and supported the fantastic people that lead these organizations which help make our communities stronger. 

At NIT, we have made it a priority to help veterans and transitioning service members gain access to their benefits, and have fought long battles with the VA. We have donated people, vehicles and resources to groups like Alaska Healing Waters and Alaska’s Healing Hearts. I have done these things not in hopes of political office, but because I believe it is the right thing to do. 

We need a new direction, new energy and someone who will get things done. My name is Adam Crum. I appreciate any and all support and I will continue to work to earn it.

Let’s go to work!